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FileLater LLC

Posted on Thursday, 15th January, 2009

The Old Wayfilelater
US citizens can extend their taxes deadline by filling in form 4868 and sending it in the post. They never receive confirmation and this could get lost in the post.

The Digital Way
People can now fill in the form online and our back-end engine using e-filling technologies sends these files into IRS with automatic confirmation.

Instant communication of the extension to the IRS and automatic confirmation of either rejection or acceptions and details.

Technologies Used
MS SQL Server 2005
Terra Term Script
Z-Modem protocol

Technical Solution
This application is an authorized IRS e-file provider, specializing in filling IRS tax extensions, IRS form 4868. The customers fill in all the personal data about their tax extension and after that the applications send the data to IRS servers and receive the response. If the customers expect to owe the IRS, they can make the tax payment through application using direct debit from their checking accounts. Authorize.Net is used as a payment getaway and all the communication is made using Secure Sockets Layer.


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