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Posted on Wednesday, 1st April, 2009

The Old Wayacenet
ACE Member Firms used to have only one corporate logins, did the vast majority of their dealings with ACE through paper or phone and ACE had difficulties into showing members the vast number of activities it supported.

The Digital Way
The employees of the ACE Member Firms can now register online automatically, update their own details or the details of their firms, take part in various online activities, buy products and services from ACE, post jobs on behlaf of their companies or consume digital content.

It’s now easier and cheaper for ACE to deal with members. Members understand much better the benefit of being an ACE member. There are more people registering in the ACE database increasign the scope of ACE reach at no costs.

Technologies Used
MS SQL Server 2005
PDF Library

Technical Solution
Assest based CMS, with templates and special controls. Member authentication communicates with legacy database.


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