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ACE Agreements

Posted on Friday, 8th May, 2009

The Old Wayaceagreements
Consultants and engineers used to buy paper based agreements from ACE, filled them in and signed with their clients. It was sometimes impossible for a client to get hold of an ACE Agreement instantly due to shipping issues and ACE had to spend a lot of money on printing, shipping and managing inventory.

The Digital Way
ACE Members can now buy a license online, which they get hold of instantly based on a succesful payment. They can then fill it in at their own convenience, from their office or on site, they can export the result to PDF an unlimited number of times and then print and sign with their clients.

Members find this very convenient and easy to use. ACE has a very high margin on this digital product, because it cut costs with printing, shipping and inventory management.

Technologies Used
MS SQL Server 2005
PDF Library

Technical Solution
This XML based solution is a complex use of Web2Print technologies which convert HTML into ready-to-print PDFs.


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