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Accelerance wants to know about your e-business plans.
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We listen to your needs, we do extensive internal and external research, competitive benchmarkings and define clearly what is the best scenario you should take.

Business Requirements Analysis
We take that scenario based on your sign-off and we investigate the possible ways to implement it.

Based on the business analysis, we design the digital solutions best suited for you. We do this in a highly visual way using wireframes and use case senarios and we place a high emphasis on usability and the user experience.

Project Management
Our project management approach is led from a Prince2 perspective. Our project manager are certified practitioners and with a high experience of implementing software projects following an Agile methodology.

Technical Delivery
Our team has 10 years+ of experience with a variety of technologies, languages and platforms

Languages: C#, VB.NET, C/C++, VC++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java
Technologies: DAO, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), ActiveX, COM, DCOM
Databases: MS SQL Server, MS Access, My SQL, Oracle
Server Side Development: .NET, Java
Server Side Scripting: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP 3.x/4.x
Operating Systems: Windows 2003 .NET Server, Linux, Windows ME/98 and Windows XP/2000
Web Server: IIS, Apache
Web Page Development: HTML, Dreamweaver MX, Visual Interdev, Frontpage, JavaScript, VBScript
Design: Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Flash, CorelDraw,Macromedia Flash, 3D  Studio

Rollout and Maintainance
After we build the solution that matches your need, we roll it live and we support it through its entire lifecycle. Our standards are based on ITIL methodology and we sign SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that will guarantee your peace of mind.

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